I'm Single He's Married

I'm Single He's Married

Mature and intellectual conversations discussing the existence of urban relationships , its influences, strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives (inclusive to romantic, non romantic, LGBTQ and more)

The conversations are based solely on the views and opinions of the host, co host and guests….but I must warn you….NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS

I'm Single He's Married Podcast, Host, Co Host, and Guest Host is not held liable for any damages or loss of any kind. You release I'm Single He's Married, Host Val Sims (broadcast name), Co Host Marvin Mac(broadcast name), and Guest Host Anthony T(broadcast name)of all liability of your participation of any kind.

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Why Some Women Rather Remain Single

July 18, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 24 of season 3. Last week's conversation was a little heavy and brought out a lot of low vibrations. This week, we've decided to comment on a trending topic regarding single women and they're conten…

Robert "Bobby" Crimo III vs Jayland Walker

July 11, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 23 of season 3. We hope you enjoyed last week's conversation about the signs of Love Bombing. This week, we are reflecting on the unfortunate events of July 4th and the unnecessary slaughter by poli…

Rejecting the Narcissist

July 4, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 22 of season 3. Last month was Men's Mental Health Month and it seems that Val Sims, our host was experiencing Men's Mental Health in a different way. Val Sims and TiJuan Allen discuss the dangers o…

Answer This Question: Do You Like Yourself?

June 27, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 21 of season 3. June is Men's Mental Health Month. While TiJuan Allen takes care of business in Los Angeles, Val Sims and guest host, CK take look deep within. While others are pointing the finger a…

Men's Mental Health Month

June 20, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 20 of season 3. June is Men's Mental Health Month. Val Sims and TiJuan Allen discuss important information about being connected mentally and options for getting help. Click play for the full audio…

A 10 Year Old Central Florida Girl Arrested for Shooting an Adult Woman

June 13, 2022

Hello World, It's episode 19 of season 3. Listen or watch as Val Sims and TiJuan Allen share their opinion on the topic. Click play for the full audio. Make sure you follow us on our social medial platforms (Twitter, Faceboo…

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Learning our attachment styles

Attachment theory is a psychological, evolutionary and ethological theory concerning relationships between humans. The most important tenet is that young…

About the Hosts

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Val Sims


Divorced mother of 1, Florida Native, and "Romantic Hopeful" is the visionary and Host of the show. Married briefly in 2009, Val Sims decided to work deeply to understand how relationships of all calibers work. Not just from a romantic perspective but also personally with self love. Val is also the content creator of I'm Yellow Butterfly on Youtube.

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TiJuan Allen


TiJuan Allen ass born and raised in Miami Florida. TiJuan Allen is known for his gifted abilities as an R&B Vocalist. “INside” his debut album consists of melodic ballads and charismatic performances from the R&B crooner. With 10 beautifully laced songs continuing the resurgence of R&B for the future, “INside” is the love making album we’ve been desiring for years. With Tracks such as “More,” “Affection,” and the lead single, “All I Need Is You,” .

TiJuan Allen is now a part of the "I''m Single He's Married" platform contributing from a Divorced/Single Man's perspective.


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